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Telephone: +1 731 632 1138

E-mail: sparks@sparksscf.com

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Sparks Fabrication has old school philosophy of taking care of your customer. Nathaniel Sparks is looking first on how to make something happen instead of trying to tell you all the reasons why we can’t get something done.

Their prices are very competitive, and are very prompt with submittals & any responses that are required. Sparks is well staffed & seems to be able to respond with material & manpower to any request made. It is a pleasure working with a fabricator that is more like a partner than one that seems to always be pushing back when you are trying to complete a project.


Charlie Cuyler

Hotel & Restaurant Supply

"Johnson-Lancaster has had the opportunity to work with Sparks Custom Fabrication on a number of projects. The quality of the fabrication is excellent and the entire Sparks Fabrication Team is very professional, reliable, and responsive.  We look forward to working with them for years to come. "


Brad Lancaster

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